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What White Elephant is a zine published in Midwestern City, MO., U.S.A., by Bigotry Industries. It focused on black comedy and rock music, along with DIY culture. The title was taken from an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth. The term derives from the story that the kings of Siam (now Thailand) were accustomed to make a present of one of these animals to courtiers who had rendered themselves obnoxious, in order to ruin the recipient by the cost of its maintenance. In modern usage, it is an object, scheme, business venture, facility, etc., considered to be without use or value.

Format and History

What White Elephant currently publishes & has since 2010; there have been 2 issues; with 6 more planned so far. Each issue was full-sized. Issue #1 was offset black & white printed, issues #2 saw an absence of willing contributing submitters and as a result the normal zine and its entire format was transformed into a darkly humorous and saucy Ed Gein comic book. The up-coming November issue's cover was leaked and features a barbie doll head transplanted onto an extremely obese doll body complete with fried chicken & wholesome American television. Future issues have been rumored to feature: Dinosaurs vs. Jesus (December's alleged theme), Robots (January), Envy & Addictions (February), and Snorkel Company Battalion Recognition Month (March). The last few issues averaged 22 pages, with print runs of 300. What White Elephant was the premiere zine in the Midwestern Missouri Metropolitan area and was available for free (donations blindly accepted) in the cities Saint Louis, Kansas City, Joplin, Branson, Springfield, Cape Gherardo, Liaise, Farmington, Clinton and Midwestern City. Consequently, an international continental division was formed within the What White Elephant empire and circulation expanded to Austin, TX., San Fransisco, CA., New York, NY., Portland, OR., Chicago, IL., and well as Belfast, Ireland, Southampton, Britain, Paris, France, and was distributed for a brief and bittersweet moment in Berlin, until it was banned by Parliament for being way too incredibly awesome (and just not quite German enough). Each issue included a large number of columns, band interviews, sarcastic witticisms, a dating advice column, the best and most amusingly passive aggressive horoscopes ever, and well as a poetry section, and a large collection of humorous staff pictures and anecdotes. What White Elephant frequently parodied and mocked a wide variety of cult figures (Westboro Baptist Church), popular culture, and famous politicians. In 2010, the zine was proud to inaugurate past American President Richard Nixon as the official zine mascot and cheerleader. What White Elephant was a zine that caused some controversy because of its sometimes critical content, but was also chalk filled with a lot of humor.

Contributors to What White Elephant included mr.ficklebritches, peanut scholar, yeti_detective, sergeant heartstomp, themanwiththegreenhat and Michelle Nimmo), Madame Super Duper, (Richard Nixon), and Dan Meth.

As of this immediate moment in particular space time, What White Elephant is available in physical copy by joining the zine's exclusive free mailing list (offer void in Tennessee-- sorry Tennessee!), or by visiting their Scribd page for a digital pdf issue.


#1: the Speed issue - features interview with regional rock legends Knife Death, horoscopes by Madame Super Duper, a collection of meth related imagery, my mom on the front cover, album reviews by Daniel Paul, poetry, prose, a submission of photography by the talented Simon Crawford, reviews, an editor's letter, and several other guest article contributions. Richard Nixon gave this issue 3 out of 5 "not a crooks!"

#2: the Hopes & Fears issue - a new and completely format what adopted in lieu of sufficient articles received by the zine's staff. One rumor alleges the writing staff went on strike due to the OccupyWallstreet event, while other naysayers insisted a strike because of terrible working conditions with little to no pay. The issue featured a fully illustrated comic book with an age appropriate parable explaining the joyous reward awaiting devout and pious followers.

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