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Whammy! Industries is a zine distro specializing in food-themed zines, with an emphasis on vegan cooking. Whammy! also carried craft/diy zines, fun zines and a variety of food-themed crafts made by indie artists.


Whammy! was started on July 1, 2003 by Stephanie Scarborough. Its original name was Pleasant Unicorn Distro. In 2004, the distro's name changed to Fork 'n Spoon, and in 2005, Fork 'n Spoon joined with Whammy! Buttons to form Whammy! Industries. Whammy's main focus has always been food-themed zines and crafts. Stephanie, a former commercial baker, wanted to create a place for vegans and food geeks to find a variety of food, vegan and cooking zines in one place. The original distro catalog had a mere 13 titles. In 2005, Whammy! expanded its catalog to include craft-themed zines and fun zines, but the main focus is still food. Whammy! also offers custom button, magnets and mirrors.

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