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== wepublic ==

Here we are...wepublic is evolving out of frustration and refocused determination. We are truly starting with nothing except what is available to the public and my internet connection. It has always been one of my favorite past-times to visit the library, but now it has become essential to developing a plan and putting theory into practice.

Obviously this site is raw, but as content comes in, the message will get packaged and delivered to the masses. I will obviously need to rely on the wisdom of the team and in return I ask for your flexibility with design.

The vision here is to offer readers a taste what's happening and give them something they can walk away with or write home about. In the hard copy version for subscribers, I envision a hand crafted cardboard cover including a monthly sampler CD filled with a couple new MP3s, JPGs and a PDF version of the 'zine that they can post up on their site or print and distribute. Online if we can throw up some links or section to focus on MP3 listening and music reviews, that would be great. File:Zinecover1.jpg Share your feedback.