Weberwoman’s Wrevenge

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Weberwoman's Wrevenge Issue 24, Cover art by Mike McGann 1986

Weberwoman’s Wrevenge was an Australian science fiction fandom and literary zine by Jean Weber.

It was published from 1981 till 2000.

Art work was contributed by Sheryl Birkhead, Steven Fox, Alexis Gilliland, Craig Hilton, Peter Lempert, Adrienne Losin, Mike McGann, Bill Rotsler, Margaret Sanders, Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology), Julie Vaux, and Mel White.

Written contributions were by Andy Andruschek, Glen Crawford, Stephen Dedman, David Evans, Terry Frost, Irwin Hirsh, Paula Johanson, E.B. Klassen, Dave Locke (Time and Again) Lyn McConchie, Ellie Miller, Pete Presford, Charlotte Proctor, Julie Vaux, Sam Wagar, and Joy Window.

Letters came from Linda Blanchard, Pamela Boal, Bev Clark, Buck Coulson (Yandro), Mary Gentle, Joy Hibbert, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Eric Mayer (E-Ditto), Eunice Pearson (Calaban), Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Windhaven), and Sue Thomason.

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