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WCSFAzine was a science fiction fanzine by R. Graeme Cameron.

WCSFAzine is published in British Columbia, Canada. The initials stand for the West Coast Science Fiction Association, and the WCSFAzine is the monthly newsletter. 19 issues were published.

Contributing writers have included James Bacon (Journey Planet, Ed Beauregard, Al Betz, Penelope Harris (The Penny Gazette), Debbie Miyashita, and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Contributing artists have included Brad Foster, William Gibson (Genre Plat, Alexis Gilliland, Barry Kent McKay, and Bill Rotsler.

Photographs were contributed by Debbie Miyashita

The cover of WCSFAzine was frequently a reprinting of a Canadian fanzine of years past, such as Canadian Fandom or Genre Plat. Also included have been reprints of articles by Leslie Croutch, Ned McKeown, and artwork by Albert Betts, all from Canadian Fandom, and by Ed Hutchings and Tom Waddell from BCSFAzine.

Letters came from Steve Forty (BCSFAzine), Cathy Palmer-Lister (Warp, Lloyd Penney (Torus, Fran Skene (BCSFAzine)

WCSFAzine won the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine for the year 2010.

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