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Wahf-Full1979 copy.jpg

WAHF-full (1979-1987) was a science fiction fanzine published in nineteen issues by Jack R. Herman in Sydney, NSW.

WAHF-full included a column by Dave Langford (Ansible).

Contributors of writing included John Alderson, Linda Blanchard (Egoboodle), Glen Crawford, Judith Hanna (Shallow End, Fuck The Tories), Dave Langford (Ansible), Shayne McCormack (Terran Times, Wombat), Marc Ortlieb (The Mad Dan Review, Q36, Tigger), Terry Frost (Back-to-the-Boondox Tatterdemalion), and Ron Serdjuk.

Contributors of poetry included Scroll The Appalling, by Stephen Donaldson from #9, June 1982.

Contributors of art included Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Jerry Collins, Betty de Gabriele, Richard Faulder (Enigma), Xenophilia), Ken Fletcher (Rune), Brad Foster, Terry Frost, Craig Hilton, Shayne McCormack, Mike McGann, John Packer, Bill Rotsler, and Jane Taubman.

Letters came from Mervyn Barrett, Robert Bloch, Richard Brandt (Fanthology '87), Allyn Cadogan ( Genre Plat), Philip Collins, Buck Coulson (Yandro), Richard Faulder, Jan Howard Finder, Rob Gregg, Michelle Hallett, Stephen Hart, Craig Hilton, Lucy Huntzinger (Rude Bitch), Ben Indick (Ibid), Joseph Nicholas (Fuck The Tories), David Palter (Apple of Discord), Ellen Perry, Yvonne Rousseau (Australian Science Fiction Review (second series)), Paul Skelton (Small Friendly Dog), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), and Jean Weber (Weberwoman’s Wrevenge), among others.

Issue 12.5 was also the program book for Syncon 83, and included articles by Keith Curtis, Terry Dowling, and Jack Herman, and artwork by Marilyn Pride.

Jack Herman also published the fanzines Forerunner, and Sweetness and Light, among others.

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