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Victoria goes by handfuls of names, preferring the tongue in cheek Vicentine to most others.

She's dreamed about 'zines since her teen years - seriously, she's woken up in cold sweats after having just been the victim of thousands of dream inflicted paper cuts - and finally succumbed to her first zine in October of 2006, Undelivered.

Undelivered, currently an only child, has a sibling on the way, and a cousin that is currently only a glimmer in her eye, but will soon be born into world as well.

She has big dreams, and some would say big talent; although that can be argued since most of the time nobody knows what she's talking about and their words of acceptance and solemn nods are just ways of getting her to go away.

The winds are changing. Vicentine's Day will one day explode.