Verbicide Magazine

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Verbicide Magazine

Verbicide Magazine is a triannual periodical that focuses on independent literature, music, and art. It is released in March, July, and November, and currently (as of September 2006) has a per-issue press run of 30,000 copies. It is distributed internationally by Disticor Magazine Distribution Services based in Ontario, Canada, and for free in NYC and LA.

Verbicide magazine was founded by Jackson Ellis in 1999. The first two issues were cut & paste photocopied half-sized zines. Current issues are offset published.

Scissor Press

Scissor Press is a media company that formed in late 2000 and has since taken over publication of Verbicide Magazine.

Scissor Press has also published Nate Pollard's Abstract Fantasy comic books, and a punk rock compilation CD in conjunction with Fat Wreck Chords in 2005 to benefit The National Association to Protect Children!