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Vegas Fandom Weekly (often referred to as VFW) is an influential Science Fiction fanzine edited by Arnie Katz. It began publication in November of 2004 and is available as a PDF on

The first issues of Vegas Fandom Weekly came out weekly and were almost entirely written by Arnie Katz with a few articles from his wife, Joyce Worley Katz (former co-editor of ODD), and a few letters of comment from LetterHacks such as Chris Garcia (Journey Planet), Robert Lichtman, Lloyd Penney (Torus), and John Purcell (Askance, In A Prior Lifetime). The articles at first tended to focus on the events around Vegas' fandom, usually party and meeting reports.

By mid-2005, Arnie had increased the number of contributors to include various writers, including Mark Plummer, Chris Garcia, Robert Lichtman, JoHn Hardin, and many other fanzine fans. Katz also wrote much 'Faan Fiction' as well. VFW was also a driving force behind the Southern Nevada Amateur Press Society (SNAPS) Amateur Press Association.

By late 2006, Katz began to slow publication, releasing an issue every other week instead of every week.

VFW, along with John Foyster's eFNAC, Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City, is often sited as one of the driving forces behind the gaining popularity of PDFs for distributing science fiction fanzines.

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