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==External Links==
==External Links==
[http://chandan.writernetwork.com Vattacharja Chandan]
[http://chandan.writernetwork.com Vattacharja Chandan]
[http://vattacharjachandan.blogspot.com Prakalpana World
[http://vattacharjachandan.blogspot.com Prakalpana World]
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[[Category:Zinester|Chandan]] [[Category:Artist|Chandan]]

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Vattacharja Chandan is a zinester, writer and mail artist.

His new innovative concept of Prakalpana, Sarbangin Poetry and other terms and forms have been around the international independent literary zine scene for quite a long time. Apart from India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Italy (Anterem, Offerta Speciale ) his work has also been published in the U.S.A. ( Generator, Absinthe, Cathay, Texture, Short Fuse, Drunken Boat &c).


He has performed poetry with or without music in countless occasions. His self-composed album of songs is :Jug Jug Jio(Music Millennia, 1999). He has represented India at the Asian Literary Leaders Conference in Washington DC in1997. He was felicitated by world Bengali Perswonality Conference at Dhaka in 2000 and by Bangladesh Poets Foundation in 2004.

Who's Who

Indexed in several who's who books in India, Asia and the World including by Marquis, U.S.A..

On Going Project

A bilingual epic book entitled Cosmosphere. The first part of the Bangla version is due out this year.


  • I Won't be a Pet Bird (bilingual poetry book}.
  • Upsurging Prakalpana (edited bilingual prakalpana anthology).
  • Prakalpana Andoloner Istahar (manifesto of Prakalpana Movement}.
  • Byabiloner Shunya Bagane (poetry book).
  • Saral Karo: Valobasa (poetry book}.
  • Porimondal (prakalpana book).


External Links

Vattacharja Chandan Prakalpana World