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Slavezombie is the brainchild for Pilcrow News, a zine which started in 2004. It is a free e-zine for download in pdf format. This is made possible by the idea that advertising is the foundation of journalism and by providing free access to a digital version of his e-zine, it is Slavezombie's hope that his craftiness in novelty items might be requested. Hard copies of Pilcrow News are obtainable thru usual standards. Content includes poetry, song lyrics, movie appraisals, TV show reviews, editorial cartoons and photography and reflections on these changing times. The most recent issue of Pilcrow News is No.10 released December 2009.

A calendar containing a table of numbers corresponding to a 28 year cycle of sequential dates  which repetitively circle back to the beginning is used to update new issues of Pilcrow News as they are published. Henry discovered that yearly calendars can be used again every 28 years (until a millennium year disrupts the sequence) and he used this theory to composite the 28-year table to have a larger perspective of the progress he makes as a zinester.

  1. Preliminary issue pdf format
  2. Issue 1 html format
  3. Issue 2 html format
  4. Issue 3 html format
  5. Issue 4 pdf format
  6. Issue 5 pdf format
  7. Issue 6 pdf format 74 visits
  8. Issue 7 html version 85 visits
  9. Issue 8 pdf format 57 visits
  10. Issue 9 pdf format 20 visits
  11. Issue 10 pamphlet