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I am making a name for myself as a blogger/zinester of the publication Pilcrow News, available in pdf format. Hard copies of ¶ news may be requested in exchange for your webzine (upon receipt). Although Pilcrow News is available electronically on line, some people just have a fetish for receiving their reading material in the mail as a hard copy. If this describes you, a letter with your mailing address and the issue of Pilcrow News desired should accompany your webzine. Below is a list of all issues available with their links and number of hits accumulated since their release. Slavezombie writes poetry, song lyrics, movie appraisals, TV show reviews, editorial cartoons and other miscellaneous stuff.

A feeble attempt to announce free copies of ¶ news (or for exchange) was made in order to compare the quantity of visits per issue against zine submissions. The concept of providing my webzine for free has proven to be a great success under the principle that the honor system still exists for zinesters willing to submit their zine to me in appreciation for the free pdf version of ¶ news.

The most recent issue of Pilcrow News is No.9. Slavezombie provides hard copies of the current issue, as well as any issue published after October 2008, upon request and for exchange of authentic zines written by anybody interested. The 28 cycle calendar at the root of my home page is devised to display a progressive time line of creativity by the writer/cartoonist/music enthusiast who is behind the creation of the original publication started in 2004.

  1. Preliminary issue pdf format
  2. Issue 1 html format
  3. Issue 2 html format
  4. Issue 3 html format
  5. Issue 4 pdf format
  6. Issue 5 pdf format
  7. Issue 6 pdf format 74 visits
  8. Issue 7 html format 85 visits
  9. Issue 8 pdf format 57 visits
  10. Issue 9 pdf format 20 visits