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"Sean "Goblin" Aaberg is an uppity punk whose illustrations of mythological cider-swilling crusty trolls have graced the pages of zines since the early 90’s. Sean is a smart & versatile artist who gracefully handles multiple styles & projects, with an emphasis on subversive design & bold color. When he isn’t passed out near the train tracks with a 12-sided die in his hands, Sean teaches little kids how to draw." ~Dennis Dread
==Goblinko Historical Advancement==
From my official biography. Sean "Goblin" Aaberg was born & raised in the soul city of Oakland, California. Influences are old American trash culture (cheeseburgers, Ed Roth, AM radio, comic books, video games. carnivals), English subcultures, old fantasy stuff from Lovecraft to original AD&D to Thundarr the Barbarian, weird ideas & novelties, avant garde junk, ancient civilizations & the cleansing of the earth by apocalypse. Sean is currently developing ideas about feral Boy Scout gangs in a post-apocalyptic setting, Frankenstein's Monster & hot dogs as American metaphors & the usual zines, comix & card sets.

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Goblinko Historical Advancement