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hi, i'm apollo (that is a fake name). i really like MediaWikis (wikia-type wikis, not so much!) and i like to try to help out with them when they're related to my interests. zines are a fairly new interest of mine, as i have a friend who prints numerous zines of her own.

here are some things i might be doing around here, based on my wiki-experiences

  • making templates! i love templates and parser functions. they are one of my favourite things about wikis and i think it's great how much they streamline and standardise each wiki.
  • removing spam, something that is pretty self-explanatory
  • bolding article titles! for some reason, this is very important to me. it is probably because it keeps things standard and professional, and gives each article a clear start.

that's probably all for now! if you have a note drop by my discussion page.

external links

as i mentioned, i really like wikis! here are a few others where you can find me :]