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[[Category:Zines from France]]  
[[Category:Zines from France]]  
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[[Category:2010s publications]]
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[[Category:Art Zines]]

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uls zine is a collection of A5, 16 pages artists' fanzines. This collection is a carte blanche proposed to guest artists, 150 copies are printed for the first edition.

uls zine originates in France with the artists' structure (U)L.S, which stands for (Un) Limited Store, an exhibition space, store, and publisher.


April 2010

  • uls zine #1 — PLAYBACK by documentation céline duval
  • uls zine #2 — by Éric Watier
  • uls zine #3 — NEW DEHLI 17-25.12.2009 by Joël Riff
  • uls zine #4 — n. m. by David Lasnier
  • uls zine #5 — n. f. by David Lasnier


  • published by (un)limited store
  • ISSN pending
  • 16 pages
  • A5
  • 150 copies for the first edition
  • print type: photocopy

External links

uls zine on (un)limited store