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==External Links==
==External Links==
[http://www.truegritdistro.com/ True Grit Distro]
[http://www.truegritdistro.com/ True Grit Zine Distro]
[[Category:Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]]
[[Category:Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]]

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True Grit Distro is a distro that specializes in DIY and self-sufficiency titles ranging in topics from car repair to silk-screening to alternative menstrual care, with a few memoirs thrown in. True Grit Distro was founded in rural upstate New York in Fall 2005 as an online store for small batch zines. In September 2007 the distro relocated to West Philly, where it presently resides. Most True Grit titles are printed in-house using recycled and reclaimed office materials.

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True Grit Zine Distro