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Trash Compactor is a film zine based in Toronto, Ontario.

Founded by Hal Kelly in the 1980s and running through the mid-1990s, the zine concentrated on B Movies. It was subtitled "The Magazine of our Disposable Culture."

  • Issue 10, June 1988: held at Wellington NZ City Library Zine Collection
  • Vol 2 #1, September 1988: cover headline: Flower Children are for Plucking
  • Vol 2 #3: Held at Toronto Zine Library
  • Vol 2 #4: Winter 1990: Contributions from G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce. Held at Michigan State University Libraries, and in the Dennis Cooper Papers at the Fales Library at New York University
  • Vol 2 #5, Fall 1990: cover headline: The John Ashley Folklore Guide
  • Vol 2 #6: Summer 1992: Blaxploitation Issue
  • Vol 2 #7: circa 1995: Bruce LaBruce interview, Mary Woronov interview
  • Vol 2 #8: Held at Toronto Zine Library

GLBT Historical Society of Northern California in San Francisco holds Vol 2 nos 2 and 4-8.

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