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Trash Compactor is a film zine based in Toronto, Ontario.

Founded by Hal Kelly in the 1980s and running through the mid-1990s, the zine concentrated on B Movies. It was subtitled "The Magazine of our Disposable Culture."

  • Issue 10, June 1988: held at Wellington NZ City Library Zine Collection
  • Vol 2 #1, September 1988: cover headline: Flower Children are for Plucking
  • Vol 2 #3: Held at Toronto Zine Library
  • Vol 2 #4: Winter 1990: Theme issue on homo exploitation, with contributions from G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce of J.D.s. Held at Michigan State University Libraries, and in the Dennis Cooper Papers at the Fales Library at New York University
  • Vol 2 #5, Fall 1990: cover headline: The John Ashley Folklore Guide
  • Vol 2 #6: Summer 1992: Blaxploitation Issue
  • Vol 2 #7: circa 1995: Bruce LaBruce interview, Mary Woronov interview
  • Vol 2 #8: Held at Toronto Zine Library

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