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Torus was a science fiction fanzine published by the Kamikaze Editorial Collective.

Torus was published in the 1980s in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The editors were Lloyd Penney, Keith Soltys, Nancy Soltys, Michael Skeet and Michael Wallis.

The first issue appeared in 1986. Eight issues were published, the last one appearing in December 1990.

Contributors to issue one included Heather Ashby, Christopher Goggan, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Garth Spencer, Paul Stockton, Lorna Toolis, Karen Wehrstein aand the editors. This issue also featured an interview with Judith Merril.

Issue two appeared in October 1987, at which time Michael Skeet joins the Kollective. Thissue features an interview with C. J. Cherryh.

Issue 3, April 1988 features interviews with Elisabeth Vonarburg and Donald Kingsbury, fiction by Phyllis Gotlieb and fan history from Taral Wayne (DNQ)

1988 brings issue 4, with the editors as Penney, the Soltys and Wallis. Contributors include Terri Neal, Robin Rowland, and Karen Wehrstein. Art work is by Taral Wayne. Featured is an interview with Orson Scott Card.

Issue 5, March 1989 included contributors Allan Burrows, Shirley Meier, Terri Neal, and Taral Wayne, with art work by Juanne Michaud, and an interview with Ben Bova.