Torben Röse

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Torben Röse is a graphic artist and zinester from Germany.

His first publication was the science fiction fanzine Janx, released in 1987. Until 1995 he published his more and more abstract but comic related drawings in a series of strange zines introducing the character Borsig, a.k.a. Borsig der Sperrbrecher. After that period Röse vanished in France, solving spiritual questions in a Buddhist related context.

Before that he started using the name Marvin as a pseudonym for his comics and cartoons which he published in various German zines such as Si-Kartuun. A compilation of the abstract series related to the character Borsig was published using the name Torben "Marvin" Röse.

In 2011, Torben Röse and Patrick Rieve published the zine Ace of Space, which included Röse's drawings. It was released on the occasion of the exhibition with the same title at the BeSt-Kunstraum in Essen, Germany in 2011.

Published in Cologne, Germany in 2012, Nocturnal Journal is his most recent zine.