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This House is John Purcell's earliest and longest-running (in terms of time-span) fanzine (1976-1989).

The total number of issues were fifteen. Mostly xeroxed with occasional offset covers, it began as a pseudo-clubzine for an amorphous collection of Upper Midwestern fanzine and convention fans, This House Associates (besides Purcell, members included Barney Neufeld, Dennis Jarog, Lee Pelton, Steve Glennon, and honorary/hoary member (courtesy of a typo), Bob Tucker), then rapidly shifted gears into a combination perzine/genzine. During its peak production period (1979-1981) This House appeared three times a year with a circulation well over 300, prompting Purcell to purchase a bulk mailing permit. By his own admittance, the zine wasn't the most interesting nor thought-provoking fanzine, but Purcell did enjoy producing the zine. In 1984 he passed the editorial helm to Matthew B. Tepper, who produced only one issue (#14); Purcell then regained control of This House when Tepper moved back to Los Angeles in 1986. Purcell absconded with the zine's files back to Minneapolis in 1986, eventually producing the final issue in Spring, 1989 as an Ace-Double fanzine with Bangweulu #6.