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Thingumybob Issue 7 Cover by Harry Turner 1993

Thingumybob was a fanzine by Chuck Connor.

Thingumybob was published in the 1990s in the UK. In was a 'gen' zine, in other words 'general interest', although most of the contributors came from the science fiction fanzine scene. Issue 5 was released in 1992, and #7 came out in 1993; issues 11 and 12 appeared in 1994, and #15 in 1996.

Contributors of artwork included Cathy Easthope, Ann Green (Ormolu, Thunderbox), Harry Turner (Zenith, Now & Then), and Leslie Ward (Domble In The Works).

Contributors of writing included Jane Carnell, Jenny Glover (Maverick), Ann Green, Caroline Mullan (The Mirror Cracked), Pat Silver, and Harry Turner.

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