There's no such thing as a good faerie

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There's no such thing as a good faerie is a zine by Gretchen Lowther from Illinois, U.S.A.

Gretchen's zine was published in the 1990's and consists of dated entries from March 28, 1996, till October 20th of the same year. It could be considered a perzine, except that it also contains interviews and contributions from others. In issue 12, Gretchen asks various zinesters the question, "Why do you do a zine?" and publishes answers from Randall of Scapegoat, April of Girl Least Likely To, Amy of Cutie Pie, Theresa of Billys Mitten, Ritchie of Thrack, Keight of Marmalade, Cheryl of Freak, and Nicole of Silver Rocket. There are also interviews with the bands Lipkandy and with Skinned Teen.