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* ''detonee and bomb-o'' - talking explosives which 'teach kids about direct action'
* ''detonee and bomb-o'' - talking explosives which 'teach kids about direct action'
[[Category:Comic|Super Happy]] [[Category:Zine|Super Happy]][[Category:Anarchist|Super Happy]] [[Category:2000's publications|Super Happy]]
[[Category:Comic|Super Happy]] [[Category:Zine|Super Happy]][[Category:Anarchist|Super Happy]] [[Category:2000's publications|Super Happy]][[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.|Super Happy]]

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The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages (SHAFP) is a seasonally produced comic that draws humor from the anarchist struggles. First produced in New York City in 2004, the comic is drawn by an anonymous traveller who draws upon their various environments for humor. Many of the issues can be downloaded from the Strangers website, while other newer issues are only available in a few infoshops and by mail-order, again from the website. All issues are free, keeping in the gift-economic policy of the Strangers distro which carries them.


this is an incomplete list

  • anarchy-shirt and robot-shirt - the primary protagonists lack both name and gender
  • koala - the traveller
  • baron von spooky-fang - the gothic anarchist
  • dr. science-o - an irregular "ask dr. science-o" section which includes this doctor
  • detonee and bomb-o - talking explosives which 'teach kids about direct action'