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The little nerd band that could (200?-2007) is a travel zine, which the author, Ianto Ware, describes as being: "the actual tour diaries of the Last of the Great Adelaide Mid-Nineties Indie Bands, namely No Through Road.

Ianto Ware also produces the zines Westside Angst and Das Papierkreig.


  • No.1: The band travels to Melbourne and gets 'kicked out of a 24 hour pokies bar at four in the morning.'
  • No.2: The band returns to Adelaide to support 'some silly big haired Tripple J bands at the Entertainment Centre in all its 10,000 people glory. Then Nic got atrociously drunk at the after party and a hilarious time was had by all.'
  • No.3: The band travels to Brisbane and Sydney.
  • No. 4 (2007): "On the road with No Through Road - 2007... the fourth and final edition of The little nerd band that could, the tour diary for the Adelaide lo-fi supergroup No Through Road... as usual published by Quick Release, part of the South Australian Institute of Photocopied Arts."

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