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The Zine is a (sometimes) monthly alternative school zine published in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Zine was first published by Paul McLeod, Mike Landry, and Keegan Lam in the Fall of 2002 while the three were in High School. Keegan has since moved on to making actual art, leaving Paul and Mike to fend for themselves.


Paul and Keegan had known each other from the neighborhood where they grew up (woodside) and had started hanging out together when they entered Dartmouth High School. The pair later ended up getting to know Mike in music class. After putting up with the school newspaper for two years the trio decided they would publish an alternative school newspaper. The three had absolutely no journalism experience. Paul was raised on MacLean's, while Mike had made his way from Time, Rolling Stone, and The Economist, to Big Brother. Keegan liked Stephen King.