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The World of Dark Shadows is a fanzine published by Kathleen Resch devoted to the Dark Shadows television shows, movies and characters.

First established in 1975, The World of Dark Shadows was published in Temple City, California, U.S.A. for several decades, releasing issue #85 in 2001. It featured fiction, poetry, art work, commentary, cast and crew biographies and interviews, publicity material, photos, memorabilia, classified ads for collectors, updates on airings of the show, news about Dark Shadows conventions and festivals, and current new items.

Contributors of writing included Jeff Arsenhault, T.J. Banks, R. Bryan Billings, David Block, Edlyne Bond, Terry S. Bowers, Dave Brown, Eugene Craig, Barbara Doxsey, Barbara Fister-Liltz (Knightbeat), Alan Gallant, Elaine Garner (Wolf Tracks), Jean Graham, Peggy Green, Dee L. Gurnett, Geoffrey Hamell, Kristen Harber, David Hofstede, Colleen Hoey, Deborah Hunt, Pam Jarman, Jay Keaveny, Kay Kelly, Jack Kennelly, Beth Klapper, Jane Lach, Ann Longmore, Jean Lorah, Maria Mayer, Janet Meehan, Bruce Melton, Theresa Mudryk, Denise Noe, Mary Elizabeth Overstreet, Adriana Pena, Marcy Robin, Mary Lynn Rossi, Mary Ellen Rostron, Sandy Smith, Lucy Staszak, Kathy Swan, Jeff Thompson, Beth Tignor, Virginia Waldron, and Bonnie Wenzel.

Contributors of filksongs include R. Bryan Billings, Linda Cuson, E. DeJesus, and Chad Elliot, and David Short.

Poetry was by Sandy Adams, Lauren Agoratus, Michelle Alexander, R. Bryan Billings, John M. Day, Michael East, Joyce Frohn, Jim Hunter, and Jane Rowan.

Contributors of artwork include Sandy Adams, Joe Blasy, Bill Branch, David Cuccia, Jan Dann, Alice Densmore, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Donna Galentine, Barbara Gerner, Donna DeVault Hensley, Nancy Mangieri, Sheila Mario, Janet Meehan, Warren Oddsson, Mary Overstreet, Paul Palumbo, Sherlock, Dan Silvio, Silas Smith, and K.R. Stuterbeck, and Sheila Marion Welch.

Contributors of photographs include Jan Dann, Sue Mascola, Kristi Nelson,

The World of Dark Shadows, along with Inside The Old House, and Shadowgram, is one of the foundation fanzines for Dark Shadows fandom.

Kathleen Resch collaborated with Marcy Robin, editor of Shadowgram, on the book Dark Shadows in the Afternoon, released in 1991. In 1992, Resch released Shadows in the 90s" The Dark Shadows Concordance 1991.