The Vampire's Crypt

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The Vampire's Crypt Issue 11 Cover art by Donald W. Schank 1995

The Vampire's Crypt was a literary horror small press magazine published by Margaret L. Carter in the U.S.A.

The Vampire's Crypt was first released in Summer 1989, and ran until the 2000s. The final issue was number 25, published in Spring 2002.

Contributors of writing included Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Edo van Belkom, Barbara A. Custer, Fay Dominie, Lorin Emery, Gemma Files, Brice patrick Gorman, John Grey, Jess Hays, Diana Jackson, Charlee Jacob, Lorraine A. Jean, Nancy Kilpatrick, Toby Lancellotti, Murray J.D. Leeder, D.F. Lewis, Eve Mahoney, Lyn McConchie, Donnie Nichols, Adriana I. Pena, Sandra Robinson, Katherine X. Rylien, Michael Samerdyke, Ann K. Schwader, Bobby Warner, Carol A. Wiley, and others.

Poetry was by Jeffrey A. Barach, Melissa Batek, Larry Blazek, Denyse Bridger, Cardinal Cox, Fay Dominie, Brice P. Gorman, John Grey, Diana Jackson, Charlee Jacob, Calvin Lear, John Leland, David Lunde, Donnie Nichols, Elizabeth Pierce, Leslie Remencus, Michelle Scalise, and Marge Simon (Star*Line), among others.

Book reviews were by Catherine B. Krusberg and film reviews were by John Robert Marlow. Other articles and reviews were by Elaine Bergstrom, Wynne L. Hanner, and Adriana I. Pena.

The Vampire's Crypt featured interviews with Elaine Bergstrom, Poppy Z. Bright, Suzy McKee Charnas, P.N. Elrod, Nancy Kilpatrick, Roxanne Longstreet, Lois Tilton, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Art work was by Jeff Allgood, Lisa Baglini, Robert Baldwin, Larry Blazek, Dawn Callahan, John A. Carter, Leonard J. Carter IV, Fay Dominie, John Golden, Sarah J. Haskins, Calvin Lear, Dawn M. Kolometz, Allen Hoszowski, Buzz Lovko, Donell Meadows, Donnie Nichols, Abraham R. Nox, Elizabeth Pierce, Elliot L. Roden, Donald W. Schank, Marge Simon, Kim Traub, and others.

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