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The Urbanite was a macabre and weird literature zine published by Scott H. Urban.

The first issue appeared in 1991. The title ran at least until 2001 (issue #12 was dates Spring 2001).

The Urbanite published a balance of fiction of fiction and poetry.

Fiction writers included Michael A. Arnzen, Lisa Jean Bothell, Pamela Briggs, Poppy Z. Brite, P.D. Cacek, Hugh B. Cave, Jeanne Cavelos, Dan Clore, Basil Copper, Andy Cox, Lillian Csernica, Christopher Fowler, Janet Fox, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Dale Hoover, Charlee Jacob, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Nancy Kilpatrick, Joel Lane, Thomas Ligotti, Mark McLaughlin, Gregory Norris, Jeffrey Osier, John Pelan, Wilum H. Pugmire, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Charles M. Saplak, Lawrence Schimel, M.R. Scofido, Dale L. Sproule, Melanie Tem, Jeffrey Thomas, John R. Turner, Scott H. Urban, Don Webb, Terri Willits, Thomas Wiloch, and others.

Poetry was contributed by Linda Addison, John Benson, Pamela Briggs, Donna Taylor Burgess, Sandra DeLuca, Denise Dumars, Rhonda Eikamp, Jo Fletcher, Diane Frank, Joy Golisch, Rain Graves, Marni Griffin, Michael McCarty, Mark McLaughlin, Tina Reigel, Lawrence Schimel, Marge B. Simon, Brandon W. Totman, Don Webb, and others.

Cover art was by Mark McLaughlin, Jeffrey Osier, Jeffery Thomas, Dan Wild, and Skip Willits.

Scott Urban also published the poemzine Frisson.

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