The Sterling Web

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The Sterling Web
Issue #1, Spring 1989
Cover Art by Amy K. Mann

The Sterling Web was a genre zine edited by Ann Kennedy and Amy K. Mann and published by Arachnid Publishing from Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.

The first issue appeared in April 1989. By Winter 1991, six issues had appeared under this title when the editors changed the name to The Silver Web; the fifteenth and final issue was published in January 2002.

Issue #1 included fiction from David Barker, Tom Elliott, Charles Richard Laing, Erin Lale, Yvonne Navarro, Nikki Patrick, M.C. Peralta, and Robert Sagirs Jr.; and poetry by John Grey, Kevin Nowak, and Janet P. Reedman. Cover art was by Amy K. Mann, and interior illustrations were done by Cathy Buburuz.