The Southern Star

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The Southern Star is a science fiction fanzine published in Columbia, South Caroline, U.S.A.

The first four issues of The Southern Star appeared in 1941. A fifth issue was released four years later. It was a Dixie Press Publication, which also published Jinx and Fanart.

It was co-edited by Joe Gilbert and Art B. Schnert. Harry Jenkins (Jinx) was the Art Editor and Associate Editors were Fred W. Fischer and W.B. McQueen. Altogether, they referred to themselves the "Columbia Camp".

Contributors included Louis Russell Chauvenet, Lee Eastman, Milton Rothman (Fantasy Fiction Telegram) and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie).

Notable is the graphology article by Joe Gilbert, which analysed the handwriting of 14 fans, the 15th being an fictitious anonymous dangerous maniac. Oddly, many fans identified themselves as this anonymous fifteenth fan, leading to the expression "Type Fifteen Fan".

In the 1940s.Joseph Gilbert and Fred Fischer also had their co-authored fiction published in Astounding Magazine.

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