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==Other Info==
==Other Info==
Submissions: submissions@theskeletonnews.com<br>
Submissions: submissions@theskeletonnews.com<br>
Contact: theskeletonnews@gmail.com to Advertise or ask questions
Contact: theskeletonnews@gmail.com to donate, advertise or ask questions
==External Links==
==External Links==

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The Skeleton News is a Chicago area zine-like newspaper publication which is promulgated by Sir Liam Idiot and a cast of thousands. The Skeleton is loosely associated with the premier noise-rock emporium known as Mr. City. The Skeleton, which began publication in 2006, is published on a monthly basis. Issues include art reviews, comics, drawings, cultural critique, political, and fiction and non-fiction essays. The Skeleton is supported by advertising and donations through benefits. The print run is at approximately 6000 as of Fall 2007, with occasional increase. Distribution currently ranges from Hyde park to Evanston and from the Loop to Humbolt Park. Copies of The Skeleton can be found at Myopic Books, The Empty Bottle, and other places around Chicago.


  1. - October/November: Statement of Intent, CTA Takes us For a Loop, Chilling Tales of Bi-Polar Adventures, Sports, Paper on Paper, Comics & Games, The Future
  2. - December: Comics, Sex Trafficking, The Bermuda Triangle of Block 37, Cop Cameras: Chicago's Blue Light Special, Monster Hunter (interview)
  3. - January: A Dark Vision of the Future...
  4. - February: Influenza, Feral Children, Spherical Buildings, Token Politics & Comics

Other Info

Submissions: submissions@theskeletonnews.com
Contact: theskeletonnews@gmail.com to donate, advertise or ask questions

External Links