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The Science Fantasy Fan was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Arthur F. Williams published in London, England.

The Science Fantasy Fan first appeared in April 1941 in wartime UK. Fans of the fanzine soon dubbed it "Stan".

Contributors to #1 included Don J. Doughty, John Hollis Mason, and John Edward Rennison. The second issue featured John F. Burke (Satellite), D. Norquist, and Harry Turner (Zenith).

Issue 3, of June 1941, featured Henry Ken Bulmer, Ron Holmes, Richard G. Medhurst, and John Edward Rennison. This issue was split with the first issue of Interplanetary News by Dennis Tucker.

Every issue contained art work by Arthur Williams, a prolific fan artist who also did art for fanzines such as Futurian War Digest and Science Fantasy News.

According to Harry Turner, in his "Footnotes to Fandom", by August 1941 Arthur Williams was ill and in the hospital. He couldn't continue publishing at this time and gave the material he had collected so far for the next issue of The Science Fantasy Fan to Turner to use in his own publication Zenith.

In 1942, Arthur Williams resumed publishing the next year, but there was a change in title. Williams was calling his new publication Unique.