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==External Links==
==External Links==
[http://www.eyenet/eye/issue/issue_04.11.02/film/images.php The Salivation Army; interview with Scott Treleaven]
[http://www.eyenet.com/eye/issue/issue_04.11.02/film/images.php The Salivation Army; interview with Scott Treleaven]

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The Salivation Army is a film by Scott Treleaven.

Intended as issue # 9 of his zine This Is The Salivation Army, the film presents an overview of Scott's experiences during the time he was creating it.

Matt Wolf writes about the film for the New York Foundation for the Arts: Blurrily combining evocative enactments of cult-like activities with genuine evidence of the project's epoch, the film lyrically represents The Salivation Army as a brief moment in history - both inspirationally and pointedly imaginary.

The film has become a cult hit. The Village Voice considered it one of the most notable underground films of 2002. It has played at galleries and film festivals across North America and Europe and been shown at MOMA and at Art Basel in Switzerland.

External Links

The Salivation Army; interview with Scott Treleaven