The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette

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The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette Issue 21 Cover by Barry Kent McKay 2010

The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette is a science fiction fanzine by Garth Spencer.

The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette is published in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first issue appeard in 1997. 21 issues have been published. It is Garth Spencer's personal zine, although articles and essays did appear as well, along with letters of comment.

Covers have been by R.J. Bartrop, Ken Fletcher, and Taral Wayne (DNQ). Illustrations were contributed by Michael Morse, Mats Ohrmann, and Taral Wayne.

Contributors of writing have included Jacqueline Bartels, Lyn McConchie, Jonathan Rauch, Taral Wayne, Sharry Wilson, and Rajiv Witherspoon-Li.

Letters have come from Chester Cuthbert, R'ykandar Korra'ti, Lee Ann Lavell (Space Cage), Eric Lindsay (Gegenschein), John Purcell (Askance), and Lloyd Penney (Torus), Yvonne Penney, and Taral Wayne (DNQ, Toronto the Ghood).

The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette won the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine for 2006.

Garth Spencer previously co-published The Central Ganglion from 1982-1983, and then on his own pbulished The Maple Leaf Rag from 1983 till 1987. In the 2000s he also edited BCSFAzine for the British Columbia Science Fiction Association. In the 2010s he began publishing a new zine, or renamed his zine, One Swell Foop.

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