The Riot Grrrl Collection

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The Riot Grrrl Collection is an anthology compiled by Lisa Darms, gathered from the archives of The Fales Library of NYU Riot Grrrl Archives.

The Riot Grrrl Collection includes an introduction by Lisa Darms and an essay by Johanna Fateman.

Included in the book are selections from amany Riot Grrrl zines, including Bamboo Girl, Bikini Kill, Chainsaw by Donna Dresch, Chop Suey Spex, Cupsize, Fembot, Girl Germs by Molly Neuman and Allison Wolfe, Gunk, I (Heart) Amy Carter, I'm So Fucking Beautiful, Jigsaw by Tobi Vail, My Life With Evan Dando Popstar, riot grrrl, Outpunk, Thorn, and many more.

The collection also included flyers from the bands Bikini Kill, Excuse 17, Fifth Column, Girl Convention, Group Hug, Heavens to Betsy, Huggy Bear, The Troublemakers and Witchy Poo.

Also included are correspondence from Tobi Vail,