The Rebus Quarterly

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The Rebus Quarterly is a zine that was published from 1992-1995 in West Orange, NJ, USA.

It features Rebus puzzles, (a representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols, often presented as a puzzle). Other features are rebus book reviews, rebus game reviews, reader submissions, Q & A, and various how to articles, as well as public rebus sightings, reader profiles, various contests, among others. The zine was made entirely by hand. Most of the illustrations were either hand drawn or were made with a rubber stamp. Copies still exist. At this time they are being scanned to pdf files so they can still be distributed. The information is not time sensitive and can be read by all. They will occasionally appear on e-bay if you would like to purchase an issue or the entire collection as a pdf file. You may also contact me here if interested in seeing a copy.