The Poetic Knight

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The Poetic Knight
Issue 1 Spring 1991
Cover art by Chuck Bordell

The Poetic Knight was "a fantasy romance magazine" edited by Michael and Kristina While and published by Chimera Press in North Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.

The first issue was dated Spring 1991 and contained poetry by Chuck Bordell, Anna Byars, Michael Daubenspeck, Hector Degas, John Grey, J.C. Hendee, James F. Mayhew, Thomas Molocea, Ardessa Nica-Jesseau, Gregory L. Norris, June Osborne, P.J. Roberts, William P. Robertson, and PRS Schwartz.

Cover art was by Chuck Bordell. Interior illustrations were from Richard Dahlstrom, James Pipik, J.D. Raymond, and Galen B. Showman.

At least 8 issues were published.