The Planeteer

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The Planeteer was a science fiction fanzine by James Blish.

The Planeteer was released in East Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A. in the 1930's. The Associate editor was William M. Miller, Jr. Six issues of this hektographed fanzine were released, the last issue appearing in January 1936. A seventh issue was later released by Sam Moskowitz (Helios).

Written contributions were by James Blish, including his story "Threat from Copernicus", and Burton DoMont.

Art work was contributed by William M. Miller.

Letters came from Forrest J. Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Raymond Van Houten, Phillip Johnson.

James Blish and William Miller corresponded with H.P. Lovecraft, and he sent them a copy of his poem The Wood, (The Wood has previously appeared in The Tryout in 1927) which was to appear in September 1936, but the issue was never finished. On a visit to Blish's home in 1937, Sam Moskowitz (Helios) salvaged the reamining pages and released around two dozen copies which he sold at 10 cents each. It contained H.P. Lovecraft's poem, The Wood, the beginning of James Blish story. "Death's Crystal Towers" and art work by Morris Dollens.

James Blish also published the fanzine Tumbrils in the 1940s.