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* [http://www.efanzines.com/OriginalUniverse/index.htm E-fanzines archive]
* [http://www.efanzines.com/OriginalUniverse/index.htm E-fanzines archive]
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[[Category:Quebec Zines|Original]]  
[[Category:2000's publications|Original]] [[Category:Zines from Canada|Original]]
[[Category:Comic Zines]]

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The Original Universe is a zine about comic books printed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Jeff Boman.

The Original Universe was created in 2007. It has currently had 11 issues: one in August 2007 and one in October.

Jeff Boman was the founder of Comicopia and is a long time contributor to APAs. He has previously released The Old Detective's Watering Hole.

As of issue 3 prose fiction began with the first chapter of Avatar: Rebirth.

In 2009 it won an Aurora Award for Best Fanzine.

Feb 18, 2010: it was nominated for the second year in a row.

External Link

A FAQ and information about joining or purchasing a copy can be obtained at: theoriginaluniverse(at)gmail(dot)com.