The Mystery Fancier

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The Mystery Fancier was a fanzine published by Guy M. Townsend.

The Mystery Fancier was published in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. in the 1970s and in Osceola, Arkansas in the 1980s. As the title suggests, was devoted to mystery literature and film, including characters such as Matt Helm, Philo Vance, Nero Wolfe,

Contributors of writing included R. Jeff Banks, Robert E. Briney, mary Jean DeMarr, Ted Dukeshire, Gerie Frazier, Larry L. French, Mary Ann Grochowski, Marvin Lachman, Jo Ann Vicarel,

Reviews were by Steve Lewis.

Contributors of art work included Al Fick, and Franklyn Hamilton.

Letters came from David Doerrer, Dorothy Glantz, Steve Stilwell, among others