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*[http://www.themuse.webs.com '''The Muse''']
*[http://www.themuse.webs.com '''The Muse''']
[[Category:Zines from India]]
[[Category:Zines from India|Muse]]
[[Category:2010s publications]]
[[Category:2010s publications|Muse]]
[[Category:Poetry Zines]]
[[Category:Poetry Zines|Muse]]

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The Muse is an online Bi-annual International Journal of poetry from India.

The vision of the journal is to make it a storehouse of best contemporary poetry and representative poetic criticism. It is purely academic in nature and not for profit. Its range and scope will be international.The Muse aims at welcoming and incorporating poetry and criticism on poetry from all continents.


Email: themuseindia@gmail.com

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