The Green Dome

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The Green Dome was a media science fiction fanzine by Diana Folch-Pi and Betsy Hatcher..

The Green Dome was subtitled "A Magazine for "Prisoner" Enthusiasts", and was devoted o the British television series The Prisoner. It was published in New York City, New York, U.S.A. in the 1980s.

The first issue appeared in January 1980. Volume 2, No. 1 was released in April 1981. The last issue, Volume 2, Nos. 6-8, was published in 1982.

The editors described their fanzine in a convention publication; "It contains new & discussion of this phenomenal TV series, Also included: LoC column called "Free for All", "Secret Agent" synopses, contests, artwork, fandom information and MORE. Of course, Patrick McGoohan, creator and star, remains in the lime-light."

The Green Dome included fiction, articles, questions for study, con reports and news, filk songs, letters, and an interview with Isaac Asimov was featured in issue 2 of March 1980.