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The Gorgon, Cover Art by Roy Hunt October 1948

The Gorgon was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Stanley Mullen.

The first issue of The Gorgon was released in January 1947 in Denver, Colorado. U.S.A. Five issues were published that year, in March, May, July, September and November. The first few issues were hectographed but starting with the 7th issue The Gorgon was printed.

Contributors to the first issue are Lee Beecher, David H. Keller, Archie Musick, Shan Nosgurov, Mary Jane Nuttall, Robert Peterson, Phil Rasch, and Genevieve K. Stephens (Loki) and illustrations were by Roy Hunt and Stanley Mullen with the cover by Roy Hunt.

In 1948, more issues were released. Contributors of writing to other issues include Landell Bartlett, R. Flavie Carson, Lin Carter, and Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, and illustrations were contributed by Mahlon Blaine, Roy Hunt, and Stanley Mullen.

In May 1949 The Gorgon ceased publishing with the 11th issue. Editor Stanley Mullen went on to write for professional SF magazines throughout the 1950s.