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Letters came from all the winners, as well as  
Letters came from all the winners, as well as  
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The Fanatical Fantactivist is a science fiction fanzine by R. Graeme Cameron.

The Fanatical Fanactivist is published in British Columbia, Canada, and available as an e-zine. The subtitle of the fanzine is, "The Fannish E-Zine of the Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards Society Dedicated to Promoting Canadian Fanzine Fandom".

The award recipients for 2011, the first year of the awards, were chosen by Cameron. Best Fan Artist was Taral Wayne; Best FanWriter was Garth Spencer; Bext Loc Hack was Lloyd Penney; Best Fanzine was Warp, edited by Cathy Palmer-Lister; and Life-Time Achievement Award went to "The Unknown Faned" who published The Canadian Science Fiction Fan in 1936.

The cover is by Taral Wayne and is a reproduction of the certificate given to the winners. The Awards were present at VCon in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Letters came from all the winners, as well as