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Since early 2009 The F-Bomb has been a compilation zine based out of Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A., with contributors from all over the globe.

The F-Bomb is a half-sized (digest) with a full-color cardstock cover. Content varies from lists, letters, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art, collages, comics, and more. As of October 1st, 2011 it is solely a cut and paste zine.

The F-Bomb has had a few non-themed issues, but for the most part they have a theme to every issue. Previous themes have included Storytelling, Music (with a full CD of local artists from the Tacoma area included) Macabre, Sex, Holidays, Gender, and Food. The Secrets issue is due out in November of 2011.

Because there is always an open call for submissions, The F-Bomb's biggest draw is diversity. Diversity in contributors and diversity in submissions. Under a theme, you can really see how many perspectives are being shown per issue.

Past Contributors

Tina Armstrong (Editor/Contributor), Vikki Law (Resistance Behind Bars), Karley Bayer (The Filth Zine), Deirdree Steele (Gag Me With A..., Disco Nap), Keith Landrum (Every Reason Zine), Todd Tippin, D.F. Magee, Cherie Marie, Ben Blackburn, Jonathan King, Jon Kulczar (Wicket & Imp comic), Luckey Lady, Rachel Pybon, Kirsty Win, Gyrobifastigium, Captain Rock of the Future Shock, Fawn Armstrong, Erik Armstrong, Tucker Nelson, Scotty Wheeler, Kelley Towne, Elle Dedoglou (Bomb Shelter), Robin Mimna (Jane's Zine), Arlene Miller, John Callaghan, Holli Porreca, Jelly, Tony Venturini, Persephone Pomegranate (Reclusive Obscenities), Simon Mackie (Temple APA), Sofie Mikhaylova, Christy Stewart, MC and Jen Miller (Buttersword), Scott Hissem, Colin Sannes, Julie Luke, Kalan Freidhoff.


In 2011 The F-Bomb was named best zine in Tacoma by Tacoma's alternative weekly newspaper, The Weekly Volcano. Bitch Magazine named The F-Bomb one of the best three zines at the Portland Zine Symposium.

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