The Dark Brotherhood Journal

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The Dark Brotherhood Journal #1 (June 1971), cover art by Denis Tiani

The Dark Brotherhood Journal was an H. P. Lovecraft-oriented zine published and edited by George H. Record.

The Dark Brotherhood Journal was first released from Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., and later from Salt lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Three issues were released: #1.1 (June 1971), #1.2 (1972), and #2.1 (July 1973).

The first issue contained fiction by Ray Jones, poetry by Walter Shedlofsky (Inner Circle), and articles by R. Boerem, Kenneth W. Faig Jr., and Record. Cover art was by Denis Tiani.

The second issue was an August Derleth special issue and contained work by J. Randolph Cox, L. Sprague de Camp, G.E. Drake, Ray Jones, Record, Warren K. Schoonmaker, J. Vernon Shea, Walter Shedlofsky, and James Wade. Cover art was by Tim Kirk. Interior illustrations were by Denis Tiani.

The final issue contained contributions from Basil Copper, Kenneth W. Faig Jr., Edward S. Lauterbach, J.B. Post, and Record. Cover art was by Craig Robertson.