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The Cher Zines are the creations of Cher Scholar, a.k.a. Mary Elizabeth Ladd. The first zine, Superpak Vol. 1 was printed in 2000. The second zine, Golden Greats, was printed in 2004. These zines bring together irreverent humor and serious explication on this pop culture phenomenon known as Cher.

The Cher Zines publish poems, concert reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, album reviews, Cher-inspired art, essays on plastic surgery, doll collecting, wacky fan experiences, Cher comics, the Cher Convention, fan cook-offs, impersonator stories, and an advice column called "Ask Cher Scholar."


"A tribute zine in it's finest form. Touching and humorous writing from true fans of a cultural icon." -- Kristy Mangel, Zine Guide #6, Fall 2002

"A must for Cher fans." -- Anu Schnuck, Zine World #22 Supplement, Winter 2005

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