The Central Ganglion

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The Central Ganglion Issue 7 May 1983

The Central Ganglion was a science fiction fanzine published by David Gordon-McDonald, Paula Johanson, E.B. Klassen, and Garth Spencer.

Emerging from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in the Spring of 1982, The Central Ganglion was conceived of by the editors as an interclub newsletter. The editors, calling themselves '"The Ganglion of Four", hoped to improve communications between Victoria's four or five warring clubs and factions.

Robert Runté wrote, " It was one of Canada's better club newsletters, especially considering it didn't actually have its own club."

The fanzine ran for approximately 11 issues, with the last issue appearing in November of 1983.

Garth Spencer was also publishing The Maple Leaf Rag at the same time as The Central Ganglion.