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The Captain's Log is a media science fiction newsletter published by Austrek.

Austrek is the second oldest Star Trek fan club in Australia, and has been publishing The Captain's Log since 1976. It was originally called Trekkie Talk for the first two issues released in December 1976 and January 1977, but became The Captain's Log in February 1977, and began the numbering again with this issue.

Editors have been Gail Adams, Geoff Allshorn, Adam Bradshaw, and others. As of 2010, the editor was Mark Geraghty.

Contributors of writing included Gail Adams, Geoff Allshorn, Adam Bradshaw, Theresa De Gabrielle, J.R. Finlay, Greg Franklin, Christopher Hill, Craig Hooper, Robert Jan, Jan MacNally, Maria Papdeas, and Wendy Purcell (Spock).

Contributors of artwork have included Robert Jan, and Lana Pennington, among others.

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